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    Business Processes


    Consulting is professional assistance from external experts in analyzing and looking for solutions to problems, work and company development.

    The key objective and the purpose of the consulting- improving the quality of the management, increasing the efficiency of the staff, improving the functioning of the business, finding a solution to the achievement of sales, marketing, financial, as well as other problems that negatively affect the profit and the conduct of the business in general.

     For each case, Business Expert consultants create unique solutions that will improve the management structure and solve existing problems.
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    Head of department CONSULTING



    Product, which decides many key issues in the company, such as:

    Staff integration and training

    The turnover of the staff

    Reduction of defective products

    Reducing the quality of service

    Lack of involvement

    Lack of discipline and systematization

    The golden rule of the company that wants to grow is "everything must be registered in the company"! This distinguishes companies that extinguish fires, from companies where the boss does not face questions: what is it ?! why ?! who is responsible for this?!

    Your result: "Welcome Book" - this is all the information that is applied or needed in the company! You will receive a comprehensive reference manual that will allow employees not to make mistakes and not to waste valuable time looking for the necessary information.

    from 1000 €

    Sales book
    System work of your business


    Software whose objective is to automate work, increase sales, improve customer services and optimize marketing.
    Advantages of CRM system :

    Efficient staff management

    Analysis and analytics of all indicators

    Pragmatic and remote management

    Increasing employee involvement

    Connecting the evaluation of employees to indicators

    Increasing the quality of services

    Increase conversion and sales

    Your result:

    Increasing speed and service

    Availability of customer history

    Increasing customer base and repeat sales

    Increasing the efficiency of the structure

    from 349 €


    Figures, facts, sum, analysis of marketing activity, analysis of competitors and other indicators will allow you to develop an effective marketing strategy to promote the brand or product on the market.
    Our service will allow you to understand:

    what your competitors are selling

    where I sell

    how much I sell

    how to sell

    which channel is the most effective

    best selling product and others

    Your result: This analysis will allow you to clearly define your strategy, tactics and effectively apply your development budget, or may stop you from investing in a potential direction.

    from 1000 €

    Market Analysis
    Development of the business plan


    The business plan for the company always reminds you of the main indicators you need to reach, it gives you an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the desired result.
    In general, it is designed to solve five main problems:

    identification of objectives (necessarily - with specific measurable indicators)

    sets out the main tasks to be able to reflect on the feasibility of the project

    calculate the investment and repayment

    risk prediction and force majeure

    strategy. having a complete business plan, you can make a brief squeeze at the right time and adjust the strategy based on them

    Your result: With a business plan, you can attract the attention of potential investors and customers. Once you have ordered a business plan from us, you will understand how you will earn, as well as what benefits the project and the owners will receive.

    from 1 500 €

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      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса

      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса