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  • CRM System

    What is the CRM system:

    Sales   Analitycs   Marketing   Automation

    • leads
    • transactions
    • customers
    • contacts
    • companies
    • company offer
    • repeated transactions


    • sales report
    • complete customer card
    • working hours tracking
    • promptness execution of tasks
    • employee performance evaluation. KPI
    • work report on tasks
    • customer analysis


    • evaluating the effectiveness of the advertising campaign
    • see where the leads come from
    • which channel is the most effective
    • email marketing
    • sms marketing
    • sending through the messenger


    • organisational structure
    • online documents
    • automation of task definition
    • unique chat
    • time and pregnancy planning
    • phone, email, SMM everything in the CRM system

    What do you get if you install the CRM System:

    1. Efficient staff management
    2. Analysis and analytics of all indicators
    3. Pragmatic and remote management
    4. Increasing employee involvement
    5. Connecting the evaluation of employees to indicators
    6. Increasing the quality of services
    7. Increase conversion and sales

    Why you need this decision:

    1. Speed of service
    2. Quality of service
    3. Advantages of competitors
    4. The whole history of the client
    5. Increasing customer base and repeat sales
    6. Sale of other services and products
    7. Increasing the efficiency of the structure

    The stages of realization:

    1. Identification of requirements
    2. Elaboration of the Technical Task
    3. Approval of cost and terms
    4. Elaboration and implementation of the decision
    5. Staff training
    6. Project support

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