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  • Development of the business plan

    For what you need business plan?!

    Remember: Your theory that you have a successful start-up or a successful business is only your theory that the product will be sold!

    The sooner you do this, the better.

    Success is made up of many indicators:

    1. Product
    2. Market
    3. Marketing
    4. Customers
    5. Sales

    Starting any business, we usually have a general idea of its outcome or the business as a whole.

    But the reality is always different and often – quite powerful – our ideas.

    When you start doing business, it turns out that, in addition to the main activity, you have to solve a huge number of other problems, no less important.

    And the presence of a business plan of a company always reminds you of the main indicators you need to reach and an understanding of what needs to be done to achieve the desired result and does not allow you to focus.

    In general, Business plan it aims to solve five main problems:

    1. identification of objectives (necessarily – with specific measurable indicators)
      2. sets out the main tasks to be able to reflect on the feasibility of the project
      3. Calculate the investment and repayment
      4. risk prediction and force majeure
      5. strategy. having a complete business plan, you can briefly press at the right time and adjust the strategy based on them

    Structure of the Business Plan

    1. Title
      2. Contents
      3. Project summary
      4. Description of the project, product or service
      5. Marketing analysis
      6. Financial performance and forecasts
      7. Analysis of project risk
      8. Applications

    The business plan should not exceed 30-40 pages, along with all the necessary applications.

    The mission of the Business Plan: what you will earn and how. And what are the benefits of the project for clients and owners.

    Following the business plan, Business Expert, will develop a marketing strategy for you, develop Branding and lead a successful advertising campaign.

      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса

      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса

      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса