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For certain you will feel sales increase, as a result of competent advancement of
the company in the market


Consulting company Business Expert specializes in administrative consulting and also in implementation of crm system, business plan development, accompaniment and sales volume increasing.

Consulting Expert – is a creation of an effective management system of your company.

Our team is addressing issues such as:

We have been trust own projects in realization by both Moldavian and international companies that shows high degree of professionalism of our specialists.

By means of effectively built system interactions between divisions of the company, coordinated work of all collective together with profound knowledge of the activity domain, utilization of modern methodologies and also the innovative software in the sphere of the management projects, we realize projects of any complexity in the shortest terms, satisfying any requirements and desires of our customers.

Our decisions will allow you to choose the correct strategy and to avoid financial losses!


Market and Target Audience Analysis

We calculate the market share of the company, analyse the target audience and its preferences

Assortment Analysis

We analyse the company's range of products and services

Staff recruitment and training

We select skilled personnel which is later integrated and trained

Development of businessprocesses and regulations

We develop/optimise business processes as well as algorithms for their implementation

Development of assessment and motivation of staff system KPI

We develop an individual staff assessment and motivation system based on identified key performance indicators

Implementation of CRM

We automatise both interaction with customers and the sales process in your company, to get the maximum result

Sales Book Development

We systematise and adopt standards, rules, business processes that already run in the company, which will allow to speed up the process of adapting staff

Analysis and forecast of sales

We analyse the company's current state of affairs and forecast sales for the future period, on the basis of the market analysis

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01Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Competitors analysis

Trend analysis

Sales analysis

Forecast and planning of sales taking into consideration the analysis

Your result: understanding market trends, opportunities and risks for your business

From 1000 ‎€
Анализ рынка
From 350 ‎€
Анализ деятельности компании

02Analysis of the company's activities

Analysis of the company's sales dynamics

Assortment Analysis

Seasonality analysis

Company's customers analysis

Income and expenses analysis

Sales points analysis

Calculation of break-even point

Your result: You sell only that and only where it brings the maximum profit

03Sales book

is a methodical printed manual for an effective management of the company, employees hiring and training.

Contents of the sales book:

About the company. History. Company's goals. Products and services

Job descriptions. Business processes. KPI.

Sales scripts, sales plan and accountability

Documents and workflow in the company

Your result:

  1. All information about the company's activities in one source.
  2. Integration of any staff member within five days without time and money expenses.
  3. In the case of the dismissal of a key employee, the company works in normal mode
From 1000 ‎€
Книга продаж
From 1500 ‎€
Разработка бизнес-плана

04Development of the business plan

Market and world trends analysis

Competitors Analysis

Development of the business plan taking into consideration economic indicators

Forecasting sales and profit of the business idea

Your result: Minimal risks in a new business, project payback calculation, investment goes only in business plan

05System work of your business

Development and implementation of job descriptions and business processes

Development and implementation of KPI

Introduction of CRM system

Hiring and training of staff

Sales plan for merchant staff

Sales scripts

Your result: The entire team works on the implementation of the plan, according to the approved regulations. Conversion on sales increases up to 50%.

From 400 ‎€
Системная работа Вашего бизнеса

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DmitriyStrategic marketer
Inna Account manager
Nichita CRM Specialist

What are you getting

1. Your product is known, loved and bought

2. Your goals and plans are precisely spelled out in the indicators

3. You have a strategy and development plan

4. You have a reliable partner who is responsible for brand promotion

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Accurately undertaken actions in the promotion of goods or services, we know what you need!?


Our marketing department is people who do not stop developing and develop their company!


Development of an effective strategy for sales promotion and analysis.
We quickly respond to the tasks!


We feel confident in our environment! Quick search and attract potential customers for business!?

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