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    Digital Campaigns


    The main objective of digital marketing is to promote the brand and increase sales using various technologies.

    But an equally important task of digital marketing is attracting new customers and applications!

    Our strategic competence is to attract customers, traffic, applications, customers from channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, CCM, YouTube, email marketing and other digital channels.

    You need digital promotion if:

      • You don’t know how to sell on the internet
      • You don’t know how many customers come to you through the site
      • You don’t know where customers come from
      • Do not sell online
      • You have no analytics or traffic data
      • You have a high cost on lead
      • You want to pay for the result

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    Head of department DIGITAL


    01Web site. Web Development

    The site is not a luxury, it is the face of the company. Our team of professionals will help you with everything. You voice the idea and the tasks and we bring them to life! Our main purpose is to make the site a business tool that really sells!
    How we develop websites:

    We study the product

    We conduct marketing research

    We analyze the market and find new audiences

    We study competitors and trends

    We develop a website for your audience

    We study and analyze the marketing characteristics of the product

    We analyze the behavior of the client on the site

    We introduce the website in the marketing and sales system

    We analyze the process of making a purchase decision

    We develop unique solutions

    Your result: You get a website that works always and anywhere and that customers can buy conveniently and easily

    from 299 €

    Development of the Site (site, online store, landing page)
    Development of Digital strategy

    02Digital marketing

    It is a concept used to indicate interactively and targeted marketing services and products that use digital technology to attract potential customers and retain them as consumers.
    How our Digital Agency works:

    Analysis of the project, the product (paid services)

    Analysis of traffic and requests

    Strategy development

    Predict traffic, applications, conversion

    Determination of channels and budget

    Content development

    Set up an advertising campaign

    End-to-end analysis systems (calculating the effectiveness advertising campagne)


    Your result:You will be able to collect detailed and clear data. You will understand how to draw accurate conclusions about the effectiveness of the various promotion channels and make the most accurate portrait of a buyer.

    from 1000 €

    03SMM SMM

    This is a set of marketing actions and decisions aimed at promoting the brand on social networks, creating relationships with the target groups and selling your product.
    Working stages:

    Product analysis. Competitor analysis

    Develop a promotion strategy

    Develop a media plan, a content plan

    Promotion of development, competition

    Development of 12-16 positions per month

    Target advertising settings

    Russian language

    Reporting. Analytical

    Your result: Receive targeted subscribers that become your advertising platform and your consumers.

    from 500 €/month

    Google AdWords and Yandex Direct

    04Google Ads and Yandex Direct

    Launching of the advertising campaign within 24 hours

    Increase of site attendance

    Evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

    Calculation of customer value

    Your result: An efficient selling resource that can not only represent you online, but also sell!

    from 249 €

    05SEO optimization

    This is a free ad. Where your client goes to your site through organic search.

    We offer a number of integrated solutions that will allow your site to be on the front page of Google search engines.

    We offer SEO services (website promotion) on the internal and external market.

    Your result: SWe will make your site active with all known search engines and will occupy only the highest positions!

    from 349 €/month

    E-mail marketing

    06E-mail marketing

    Will allow you to shape long-term relationships with potential and existing customers through e-mail and regular useful mailing

    Setting goals and tasks

    Development of the strategy

    Launching targeting mailing

    Forecast of the coverage and site visits

    Forecast of the attracted customers

    Increased loyalty and recognition

    Your result: Allows you to build a long-term relationship with potential and existing customers through the useful mail offers.

    from 200 €

    07SMS sending

    SMS sending to a segmented phone base is a great opportunity to inform customers about updates, promos and offers of your company, as well as to attract new target audience.

    SMS sending with delivery warranty!

    Guarantee of efficiency. 93% of people read SMS ads in the first minute they receive it!

    Contacting customers via SMS sending is much cheaper than via other channels!

    Your result: Informing customers about your company's updates, promotions and offers, attracting new target audience, respond of the target audience in the first minute after receiving a message.

    from 150 €

    SMS sending

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