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Complex internet services promotion of your business in Moldova!


We attract clients to you from the Internet!

Digital Expert - We know where to look for your clients!

We find your clients worldwide, in any country, 24/7 days a week.

Owing to Digital promotion which works with different channels such as seo optimization, search furtherance of the website, SMM promotion in social networks, video advertising on YouTube, email marketing, contextual advertising in Google, banner advertising in Chisinau or across Moldova and many others.

We stake on the complex approach of promotion and advancement of services by means of which we inform target clients about your goods or service, we transfer them to your website, return and increase loyalty, raise recognizability and grow up a new target group!

You pay us not for advertising, you pay us for the client!


Head of department DIGITAL


Google Adwords and Yandex Direct

clients will find out about your company at the most opportune moment - when they are looking for goods and services in search engines

Site development

The main stages of the process are web design, pages layout, client and server-side web programming, and web server configuration.

SEO optimization

is a complex of actions to increase the site's position in search engine results for pre-selected queries


is an effective way to attract audience to the site through social networks, blogs, forums and communities.

Mail marketing

builds a direct communication between brand (or business, company) and potential or existing customers


gives the opportunity to display announcements to a ready-made audience to convince them to return to your resource and make the purchase.


01Development of Digital strategy

Identifying target audience

Competitors analysis in digital environment

Search Traffic Analysis

Digital Plan development

Forecast and assessment of the effectiveness

Your result: A well-designed digital strategy will make it possible to increase efficiency and achieve goals of the ad campaign in online marketing

From 300 ‎€
Разработка Digital стратегии
From 1500 ‎€
Разработка Сайта (сайт, интернет-магазин, landing page)

02Development of the Site (site,
online store, landing page)

How we develop sites:

We analyse the competitors

Develop site structure

Create the design

Write selling texts

Translate into other languages


Make the layout

Adapt to all kinds of gadgets



Serve and administer your site

Your result: Your result: An efficient selling resource that can not only represent you online, but also sell!


Comprehensive site audit

Technical refinements of the site

Internal optimization

Development of an external promotion strategy

Selling SEO optimized content

Promotion through behavioral factors


Performance evaluation and correcting the promotion process

Your result: SEO will provide a good visibility in search engines, attract a stable target audience and automatically create a broad client base, which will allow to significantly increase the sales

From 350 ‎€
From 300 ‎€
Google AdWords и Яндекс Директ

04Google AdWords and Yandex Direct

Launching of the advertising campaign within 24 hours

Increase of site attendance

Evaluation of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign

Calculation of customer value

Your result: Your result: An efficient selling resource that can not only represent you online, but also sell!


We see everyone who has visited your site

We find the client even when he left the site

Increase the site conversion

Increase the number of cutomers who return to your site

Your result: A constant permanent presence effect for 100% of the target audience, the prestige of the company's brand, covering exactly the audience you need!

From 100 ‎€
From 300 ‎€


Competitors and target audience analysis

Strategy and content plan development

Coverage and site visits forecast

Forecast of the attracted customers

Increased loyalty and recognition

Sales forecast

Your result: Wide coverage for the target audience, low cost of an advertising contact, feedback from the target audience, quick response to the ad, brand recognition and image improvement

07YouTube promotion

Development of the channel filling strategy

Development and filming of the video content

Forecast of the coverage and site visits

Forecast of the attracted customers

Increased loyalty and recognition

Sales forecast

Your result: Increasing the impact on your customers through visual content, targeting that is as accurate as possible, permanent communication with the audience, your company's brand memorability

From 150 ‎€
YouTube продвижение
From 200 ‎€
E-mail marketing

08E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing - will allow you to shape long-term relationships with potential and existing customers through e-mail and regular useful mailing

Setting goals and tasks

Development of the strategy

Launching targeting mailing

Forecast of the coverage and site visits

Forecast of the attracted customers

Increased loyalty and recognition

Your result: Allows you to build a long-term relationship with potential and existing customers through the useful mail offers

09SMS sending

SMS sending to a segmented phone base is a great opportunity to inform customers about updates, promos and offers of your company, as well as to attract new target audience.

SMS sending with delivery warranty!

Guarantee of efficiency. 93% of people read SMS ads in the first minute they receive it!

Contacting customers via SMS sending is much cheaper than via other channels!

Your result: Informing customers about your company's updates, promotions and offers, attracting new target audience, respond of the target audience in the first minute after receiving a message

From 150 ‎€
SMS рассылка

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