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  • Dulce Plai (Bucuria)

    Dulce Plai (Bucuria)

    Trademark SA Bucuria is the business card of Moldova.

    A large variety of chocolate products have long become a symbol of our country.

    During the six decades, the company SA Bucuria offers the joys of children and adults, according to the slogan “Life is sweeter with us …”.

    The company has set us an objective:

    1. Development of a product in the chocolate bar segment
    2. Development of name, logo, slogan
    3. Product packaging, product line
    4. Developing an advertising campaign concept
    5. Conducting an advertising campaign to increase loyalty and sales
    6. Increase market share in the segment


    We  understand that creating an effective marketing strategy as a whole can bring results. Competitors have already conquered over 80% of the market and it is difficult to win the market with their budget and strategy.

    Therefore, we understand that we need a “chip” that will bring us closer to the customer without a big investment in marketing and in the short term!

    Development of naming
    When developing the appointment, the client was asked to choose from 3 varieties of denomination: Din toată inima; Legenda Moldovei; Dulce Plai

    Development of logo and ornament

    Elaboration of the packaging
    For Dulce Plai, we have developed packaging models for 5 different flavors: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with nuts and …..

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