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    In 2019, we developed a brand for the “everything for the holiday” store.

    The main task of the team was to create a connection between the brand and the target audience, establishing the brand’s life and bright mood. Whereas, first of all, the “everything for the holidays” shop should be spectacular and colorful, thus evoking positive emotions and a festive mood among consumers.

    We paid close attention to the appointment, because initially the consumer meets the exact name, which in our case should already talk about fun and celebration.

    Our team has fully developed the corporate identity and brand book for the future store.

    The concept of a modern store was proposed in which the customer experiences emotion not only from the product, but also at the time of its purchase.

    Our vision will maximize the time spent by the customer in the store. We understand that the longer the customer is in the store, the more he will be overwhelmed by a pleasant and unusual atmosphere, which means that the store will be remembered, and the desire to come again will appear very quickly, and he will return.

    In creating the outdoor advertising template, I mentioned that, first of all, advertising must be bright, informative and not necessarily attractive.

    Therefore, the proposed project was built in such a way that for consumers to become recognized, the product aroused admiration, a predisposition to purchase.

    Also, the design of the site and social networks was created:

    In modern society, a company can no longer handle itself without a website and social networks, because they have become one of the most important elements that shape the trust of users in you and your company.

    It is very important that he was also supported in the corporate identity of the company and seemed concise.

    The task of creating a spectacular and colorful brand was fulfilled.

    Thus, a completely new, vibrant brand was created, ready to enter the market and arouse admiration among consumers.

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      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса

      Рекламная кампания под ключ для Вашего бизнеса